When it comes to making a statement or adding a little something extra to an outfit, earrings can do the magic. Not only are they great conversation starters, they also exude a sense of personality in fun ways. From studs to drop dimensions, precious-stoned to pearled solitaires, there’s an earring for every occasion.

Excitingly, your choice of earrings can take your outfit from zero to a hundred real quick for that special occasion! All you need to win with the accessory staple is to have a sense of intentionality on how glam or subtle you’d like to look. Kicking things up a notch, earrings have an understated elegance that delicately accentuates the face. And as the ever stylish Jennifer Lopez once said, “Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed.” 

how to choose the right earrings stylerave
Linda Osifo

Whether you’re a high fashion pundit or a…

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