We all want to know how to reduce menstrual cramps because the womb lining can shed without throwing all these unnecessary tantrums. How else can you explain its dramatic exit. The humbling pain that comes from our monthly red visitor is simply annoying, to put it mildly. 

Could it be that it is mad that we didn’t utilize the eggs? But how about how we feel? What if we don’t want any form of fertilization? What if our period handled rejection a little better and just exited nobly without tugging at our lower abdomen? I bet every woman can relate.

This is a struggle every woman with menstrual cramps knows all too well and if you’ve never experienced it, luck is an understatement. 

Cropped shot of an attractive young woman lying down on her bed and suffering from menstrual cramp period pains at home

Why do we experience menstrual cramps?

There are various causes of menstrual cramps including:

  • Endometriosis: this condition occurs when the tissue that lines your uterus…

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