Whether it’s a casual wear vibe or glammed up ensemble you’re going for, a blazer dress holds its own. This outfit is so flexible that you can incorporate it into any look and it will turn out fine. Regardless of if you’re a pure minimalist or a vintage femme, you can spin this staple whichever direction you choose. However, should you be drawn to a more formal look, pairing the blazer dress with pants or skirts (rather than rocking them alone) would do you just fine.  

The blazer dress is an updated 80s trend that’s definitely making a comeback this season in the most fashionable way. The best part is that you can switch it up whichever way you like. From plain to detailed, black to pastel, the possibilities are endless. However, the surest way to pair any outfit right is to pay attention to your body’s needs and dress to accentuate your…

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