To celebrate her 35th birthday on June 15, Ehizogie Ogbebor, who is simply known as Ehi Ogbebor gifted herself a 7-bedroom luxurious mansion which she called ‘The Casa E project’.

In the video which ‘broke’ the Nigerian social media upon its release, Ehi Ogbebor revealed that she started the building project in December 2018 and by May 2020, the project was fully completed just in time for her birthday. 

Ehi Ogbebor in her piano room

Ehi Ogbebor last made national news in late 2018 when her second marriage to Ken Bramor crashed, following a big society wedding that also broke social media. Even though her story is ‘filled with broken pieces, bad decisions, and some ugly truths, she believes that it is also filled with a major comeback, peace for her soul, and the grace that saved her life’.

The ultra-modern, multi-million Naira 7-bedroom home…

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