Should I wear a wedding veil? This is a common question among contemporary brides. Some brides-to-be seem to consider a wedding veil to be “old-fashioned” or even “primitive,” believing it’s gone with the times. Are they right?

I’ve watched ‘Say Yes To The Dress‘ so many times; not because I particularly spend a lot of time dreaming of my wedding day but because its a darn good show. Watching the series, one thing I’ve come to realize is the importance of a wedding veil.

Most contemporary brides leave veil shopping to the last minute at which point making a choice is hurried. However, on the show, a veil is seen as a finishing touch to a wedding dress and when that simple touch is added, a bride-to-be is immediately transformed into a bride. So yes, you could say its relevance is strongly attached to its symbolism.

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