hey say playing dress up is therapeutic especially if style is your thing. Indeed we couldn’t agree more. Last week, Black fashion took a toll for the better with fashionistas swaying in outfits that uplift our spirits. Thus, proving there’s more than one way to stay joyful. Some find it in hobbies, others in love, and some others in their love for clothes. Whatever the case may be, one truth is established: however you turn on the switch to your smile, keep at it.

As we went about our business last week, artistic fits, sassy ensembles, and matching attitudes were the order of the day. Think prints, shimmer, and colors bursting with the right energy that make all the difference.

The looks

An already established fact is the stylefidence that Media Girl Toke Makinwa exudes. Every look is a hit back-to-back. Love her or not, there’s no denying her…

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