Corporate wardrobes aren’t just for show; they are meant to make you feel like a boss. As 21st-century women, it’s kinda our thing to slay in every outfit, including the work wear. So on that note, it’s great to always know what to wear to the office to have your slay game on.

I’ve been a fan of the ladies on this list and that’s partly thanks to their fashion sense. But of course, I won’t say I have an unwavering obsession or anything like that. Instead, it’s the admiration for their work and the effort they put into their looks that fascinates me. Equally inspiring is their willingness to experiment and their ability to always stay a step ahead of the game in spite of the trend curves. 

Not sure how to dress to work? These Ghanaian celebrities can actually inspire what you wear to an office.

Here are a few outfits you can wear to the…

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