The messy bun is one look that most people think is easy to achieve but when it comes to hairstyles or beauty looks that appear effortless, they almost always require a bit of effort and practice to get right.

Inasmuch as the messy bun lives up to its name, you sure want to get it right so you don’t end up looking like you woke up without giving any thought to your hair. Though simple and modern, the messy bun hairstyle embodies a timeless refinement and is ideal for almost any occasion. The look is a celebrity-favorite and has become one of the top hairstyle trends in recent years.

Remy Ma | Photo: Instagram @hairbyantoinettenyc

Easy to style and customize, the messy bun works equally well for an everyday look, special occasions and even for an office look. Its undeniable charm lies in the fact that its sheer imperfection makes it look like you woke up…

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