he confidence that rests on a woman with newly made nails is out-of-this-world amazing. From the salon, a certain level of carefulness suddenly hits her and her gesticulating game gets stronger, because what’s a good nail when it’s not seen and appreciated? Yes, there’re a variety of nails to choose from at the salon, but the dip nails evoke an unmatched elegance few women can resist.

However, this reverie doesn’t last forever as the dip nails get older and the powder used gradually lifts off your nails. This sight can sometimes be unappealing and consequently, your hands finally find their place resting on your sides (where they truly belong). At this point, the most logical thing to do is take them off, but thanks to the convincing tongue of a nail stylist, you fill in new dip powder to the old nails which sadly can weaken your…

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