In Hokkaido, Japan, a young Japanese woman, Tamaki Osaka met a Haitian man Leonard Francois and their relationship blossomed. When Tamaki took him back home to her parents there were snorts of disapproval. Now, so many years later, with two professional tennis stars for daughters, the reaction may well be different. For the January issue, Naomi Osaka shared life on and off the court with Vogue Magazine.

“I think the ‘me’ right now is sort of at the level 50 of tennis, and everything else in my life is at level five or six. I want to even out my levels.”

~ Naomi Osaka to Vogue

Naomi and her sister, Mari’s career inadvertently started in 1999 when her father, Leonard watched Venus and Serena Williams in a tennis game. The next year, he began to teach his girls the game armed with just guidebooks and DVDs. He had no prior experience.


At this…

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