kirts are the famed step-sister to dresses that always lurk in the corner while a good dress takes center stage. Well, things are about to change as 2021 has put the spotlight on the skirt one more time. This item of clothing is finally having a major moment, and while a lovely dress is hanging temptingly in your closet, you can choose to give it a much needed break and dig out a lovely skirt for a change. Time and chance indeed happens to them all.

If you’re not in on the skirt trends right now, you’re absolutely missing out and that’s not allowed in these streets. Skirts are versatile and trans-seasonal items that create a façade of having more clothes in the closet. This underestimated wardrobe staple is an absolute win this summer and we’re in on all of it’s goodness. 

Check out 5 practical skirt trends that are absolutely right for the…

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