Sure, it sucks not to see those early morning romantic text messages waiting for you but you can keep crying over spilled milk. In as much as that relationship meant a lot to you, you shouldn’t sulk as a result of the breakup. Now that what was meant to be forever is over, it’s best to pick yourself and move on to other things. 

Having to experience a breakup is undeniably tough and can sap a lot of energy. Although no one expects you to be all sunshine and rainbows like nothing happened, there are things you could do to help oil the wheels of your healing process.

This is the right time for some self-rediscovery–a time to find out who you are and what makes you happy. It sounds harsh but it’s been proven that resisting the temptation of reliving your broken relationship memories has helped a lot of people stay afloat during that period of their…

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