Regina Rene King not only rules the heart of many but our television sets as well. In her recent interview for Glamour Magazine’s “Women of the year,” it is clear that the 49-year-old has come to shake Hollywood.

You may know her for voicing our favorite African American boys Huey and Riley Freeman on Boondocks or as Rhonda in a Cinderella story, but now, we see her truly for her individuality as an African American woman.

You can have a much longer career playing distinctively different characters than you can being just a sex symbol.

~ Regina King on not allowing herself to be pigeonholed

In 2020, despite it looking like a year crafted to crush on black people and our rights to live, Regina has rocked this year like a cruise with her multiple wins. So much so that she has begun to feel guilty about it.


A week after “One Night in Miami”

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