Chadwick Boseman was no ordinary artiste. Not quite the kind that painted pictures or drew them––although he did, somehow. As an actor, he had the ability to paint a character so vividly in a way that left a lasting impression. With his untimely passing, the legacy of this real-life superhero status must be celebrated. Chadwick Boseman movies

Indeed, not all heroes wear capes because for Chadwick’s portrayal of the first major black superhero in a movie, The Black Panther, his suit, didn’t have a cape. In the movie, he was T’challa, leader of the fictional African country, Wakanda. A land flowing with milk, honey, and vibranium. But beyond his movie roles, he was Chadwick Aaron Boseman, the cultural hero. The importance of representation is seen so clearly in how the movie was received by black people all over the world.


Young Chadwick


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