Ladies don’t believe the lie that 30 is old, it’s only the beginning of a new phase of your life. Also, don’t fall for the pressure that you need to have it all figured out at 30. Who even makes these rules anyway? Life is a gradual, but continuous learning process, and there’s no better way of living it than moving at your pace. 30th birthday outfit ideas.

Can’t believe they scammed us to believing that 30-year-old women are old. ~ Funke Olotu

Life is a journey and you should look to enjoying every moment of your journey. For women turning 30, you need to know that your sweet life is just getting started. At this ‘young’ age of 30, you will have gone through some of what life has to throw at you and gained experiential knowledge in the process. This age often comes with much needed clarity and now you should be able to focus on what serves…

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