It’s a sunny day and three young women are chatting away. The first is wearing a spaghetti strap top over red cargo pants. The second, a sporty mini dress with matching sneakers, and the third, a burnt umber plaid pants with a matching camisole and an olive drab jacket. She finishes off this look with statement gold jewelry. However, a quick look at the impeccable streetwear of these ladies, one would think that the pandemic was finally over and we were back to the good ol’ fashion weekdays.

This year, fashion trends have taken a 360 turn and streetwear hasn’t been left out. At first, everyone wondered what the fashionable trends would be in 2021 seeing as the pandemic persisted. Even as we spend more time indoors in a bid to flatten the curve, fashionable streetwear trends are still a sought-after staple in 2021. Fashion faithfuls can attest to…

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