opping off an ensemble with the perfect accessory can be a major game-changer when it comes to style. Paying chic homage to fashion in that manner, hats have a way of making really fabulous statements. By adding the perfect amount of Je ne sai quoi and elegance to an outfit, this go-to accessory is everything!

The exquisite fashion item also comes in different colours, textures and sizes, creating room for versatility and self-expression. The protective piece comes in styles like Fedoras, Berets, Bucket and Panama hats, as well as Bretons. Whether you’re a vintage fanatic or a contemporary stylista, there’s a hat calling your name. how to wear hats

With each hat style being unique in its cut, design and details, the one thing all hats have in common is the ability to project personality in fun and edgy ways. For ages, hats have remained a staple for…

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