The right pair of jeans or denim piece could instantly make your style dreams come true. Their epic versatility means they look great on all body types and work for all style personalities. Pretty much like avocado and everything. A true wardrobe staple in all its glory. 

From jeans to denim jackets, to skirts and denim shorts, what makes denim pieces even more special is that they come in so many unique designs and cuts like patched denim, double pattern, graphic stained, distressed, soft, and hard fabrics, oversized, and well-tailored. The list goes on and on.

Owning and being able to style a denim fashion item in a variety of ways is a skill that’s beyond trend and class. Denim pieces are among those rare fashion pieces that are both trendy and classic, which automatically makes them universal wardrobe staples as people with different tastes in…

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