In 2018, we started spotting shoulder pads on the runway of top designers but it was an avant-garde look for the adventurous. Right now, that’s a whole different story. Shoulder pads are back, better, and are for everyone. We’re definitely big on this 80s revival.

Shoulder pads are especially fine to behold on women with narrower shoulders. For everyday wear, all you really need is a little padding here and there to give a natural look. If however, you’re plus sized, you can take off the padding or replace with something smaller.

When we remember shoulder pads, they do not always come with the fondest memories. Often, we picture the unflattering and disproportionate suits that give off a laughable silhouette. But contrary to their 80s counterparts, 2021 shoulder pads are unbelievable stylish and you can still fit through a doorway in them.

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