t was a dark, cold evening and was Vera tucked under the duvet. Something else felt cold under the sheets; a shiny steel object. Apparently, Vera heard sounds, as usual, and was sure someone was watching her. She summoned the courage to get out of bed for her weapon – a knife – that she was determined to use, howbeit amateurly, to defend herself come what may.

She heard a scream and grabbed the knife. Although hesitant to get out of bed, she knew she had to investigate as to what the issue was. As she tiptoed further, the screams became louder. She froze and then heaved a sigh: it was the TV. Someone was watching Friday the 13th.

This scenario and different others have been ongoing leading her loved ones to ask: β€œIs Vera exhibiting signs of Paranoid Personality Disorder, or just being cautious?”

What is Paranoid personality disorder?


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