It takes more than being a celebrity to deliver a captivating look––whether casual or formal. Elegance in dressing is achieved by a merger of distinctive style, class and confidence, or swag like we all know it—the exact combo we love to see. Last week, Black stars around the world gave us enough dapper servings to prove their mastery of menswear elegance, with streetwear reigning supreme.

Basketball superstar and now, style icon LeBron James has been steadily delivering blazing hot looks and last week was no different. LeBron switched up the classic Tee on denim look as he layered on a speckled blazer coat. For a sweet pop of color, he threw on a blue beanie and a fuchsia pink sneakers. Always one to lead by example, the father of threw wore a mask and rocked a pair of sunglasses, some light necklace layers and a brooch as additional accessories…

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