W e can’t help but reminisce on the fashion trends from way back. From the 50s feminine silhouettes, to the 60s experimental options, fashion has taken many faces over the decades. Excitingly, this 2021, several of these ‘faces‘ have made a comeback on the runways and it’s only fashionable for our closets to follow suit. 90s fashion.

When you think of the 90s, fashion is definitely one of the strong points that stand out. Maybe it was the way it so wittingly incorporated trends from different eras–both boxy and skin revealing–or how it so unashamedly called for versatile pieces (case in point the scarf top). Whatever the case may be, 90s fashion was indeed IT and we are more than glad to see a resurface this 2021.

If, like most, you find yourself wishing to relive the 90s experience, albeit for a brief moment, then fashion may just be your time…

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