t is almost impossible to believe that a hat that was once worn by fishermen centuries ago for sun protection has become a trend worth trying out. The 90s is new again and bucket hats are not left out of this party.

Bucket hats are one of those 90s timeless pieces we’ve refused to lose our grip on and why should we, really? This nostalgic and stylish hat elevates a look with a vintage edge and we are so in love with them. While the buzz is on, we must admit bucket hats are not the easiest or most effortless look to pull off but once done right, the rest is history.

Check out 5 trending ways to wear a bucket hat in total style…

#1. Bucket hat with t-shirt and jeans

T-shirt and jeans are a classic that we are all aware of by now. They are so comfortable, effortless and yet, stylish. Take this combo a notch higher with a bucket hat and edgy accessories….

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