With an unending catalogue of popular TV shows available, it’s no wonder we tend to get stuck in the rot of finding the the right show to fit our moments. There’s Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime…and let’s not forget cable! How can we ever keep up with our daily lives and still be up-to-date on the latest TV shows? That’s why we are here. Best tv shows on hulu.

As you spend more time on the couch this lockdown, we thought to save you the stress of sorting through countless TV shows to find your next favorite and spare you the disappointment that shows like  “Quibi” and “Too Hot to Handle” bring. (Who told those producers that watching people try not to touch each other was a great idea?)

Here are the best TV shows that are definitely worth your while…

#1. Grab your remote controls, NCIS is on

This American action police television…

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