The word “vibrant” wouldn’t cut it for the city of Lagos, which is reputable for its electrifying social life. The city that never sleeps as Lagos is fondly called harbours some of the best rooftop bars on this side of the Atlantic. Little wonder it is called the city of excellence. Rooftop bars and restaurants are springing up all over the city with beautiful aesthetics and matching menus to drool over.

There is something about rooftop bars in Lagos; could it be the feeling of being far away from all the chaos below or just the feel of drinking and dining close to the clouds? Maybe it has to do with the enchanting views of the city.

What we know for sure is that there’s only one thing to do when the heat and humidity hit hard on an evening in Lagos. Our advice? Find a rooftop bar and sip on your favourite cocktail.

So pick up your wallets, choose…

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