Day is over, night is come, but before sleeping beauty hits the sheets, there are some beauty things she needs to do. We know this sounds princess-y, but as it advises, there are some nighttime skincare routine you need to do for a fabulous skin. So far gone are the days when your nighttime routine was a quick shower and off to bed without proper thought to skincare. Now, great skin is a result of good effort, just like anything in life.

Having a solid beauty routine has a ripple effect as it increases your confidence and makes you walk taller. That being said, there are bedtime beauty tips you can adopt for positive changes to your skin. Who wouldn’t love to wake up with glowing skin? 

Most beauty experts swear by these nighttime skincare/beauty tips in their routine…

#1. Off with the makeup, shall we?

Photo: Sora Shimazaki | Pexels

Jumping into bed…

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