What’s better than a functional trendsetting staple? A versatile one that stands out with ease. Proving this in unique and fashion-forward ways, the obi belt has ruled the accessories scene throughout 2020. Not only does the statement-making belt elevate a variety of outfits, it also serves as a silhouette-defining piece.

With its cultural identity being grounded as a part of the Japanese attire worn by Geishas, the obi belt has a certain charm to its appearance. The sash-like strap has a number of intricate elements that contribute to its elegant design. From texture to cut, details to functionality, no two obi belts are the same. 

Whether you’re a sophisticated designer bag addict, or a simple babe looking to add some structure to your style, the right obi belt could be a perfect fit.

how to wear the obi belt stylerave

Here are some tips on rocking the obi belt…


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