Rihanna is in the news once more and the ‘Navy’ is beyond excited this time. No, there’s no new music yet––it’s Rihanna on the cover of multiple Harper’s Bazaar September issues, from the US to the UK to Español and España. The article covers Rihanna’s career revolution from Riri, the musical phenomenon to Robin Rihanna Fenty, the business mogul that she currently is. Rihanna Instagram 2020

Recently, she released the first three products from her highly anticipated skincare brand, FentySkin to wide acclaim. But this isn’t the only thing Rihanna has recently had positive reviews about. Rihanna sexy. Hollywood celebrities. Celebrity gossip.


Kahlana Barfield Brown, who authored the article, tells us of the first time she met Rihanna and the big hug she received even without knowing the musical icon personally. This adds to the testament…

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