any women are stuck with hair that just wouldn’t grow. This might seem weird but it’s more common than we like to admit. Sometimes, your hair won’t grow and the reasons elude you because you have put 100% into caring for it. You may have been in a hair rut since forever, and it’s becoming embarrassing to let people in on how old your tresses are. Especially if you’ve been growing it for a while only to see the girl next door who transitioned 5 months ago reaching “Rapunzel-status.” We are aware it’s not a pleasant feeling.

Rather than hide your hair incessantly beneath glamorous wigs, and avoid the entire situation of why your hair has chosen to be adamant and rebuff growth, attempt doing a little more research. Well, if you’re reading this article, it’s obvious you still care for your mane.

What are the causes of stunted hair…

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