With the dry season still holding up strong till March in West Africa and Winter in the northern hemisphere also doing its thing for a few more weeks, you know what that means for skin, especially black skin. Dry skin, cracked feet, and chapped lips. Skins, you could hide with clothes and feet with shoes and socks but for your lips, how are you gonna hide that? Remedy for Chapped Lips

If you have been in the habit of ignoring your lips’ cry out for moisture, this is the very season they pay you back. In actuality, chapped lips go beyond winter, harmattan, and dry seasons and could be as a result of a wrong cosmetic product or the harsh rays from the sun. Another common cause of peeled lips is dehydration!

So what can you do to prevent chapped lips? Staying hydrated and keeping your lips moisturized are the major things to do. Remedy for Chapped Lips


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