I get these questions a lot: ‘how do you stay slim at 50? You’ve had two kids, and you look like their big sister? How do you do it? How do you love desserts and still stay slim?’ I’ll tell you how to lose weight after 50.

Many have answered the question for me, even before I have the chance to answer. Some say, “Oh, you’re just lucky. You’ve always been slim. It must be your genetics.” Some say it’s because “you’re vain—that’s why you stay slim.” Well, it is not just a lucky genetic trait I got from my parents.  How to lose weight after 50.

The last statement is very interesting and funny. I do believe I’m vain to a certain degree. I do love to look good. It puts a strut in my step, confidence to my persona, and sureness to my voice. I will say, I am humbly vain. I like to look in the mirror and dance when I see the…

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