orror movies are definitely not something you’d want to watch to ease off the day’s stress. On the contrary, if you want adrenaline-pumping-hide-behind-the-chair kind of scare, then they’re the right pick. One thing is for sure, their goal is to scare the composure out of you leaving you screaming like a scared little cat.

Wait until you ask each friend to send you a list of their scariest movies of all time and watch confusion set in. Big ups to that friend who just says: “Harry Potter? I don’t know, I’m not big on scary movies”. It’s impressive how some people have no clue what happens in the scary movie world. 

However, if you are big on the scare then we have curated this list of scariest movies all for you. From recent Hollywood spooky flicks to old time classics that are still as horrifying today, the goal of horror movies is…

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