Each season comes with its own manicure trends. However, there are certain nail trends that can be worn all year long and that is the category baby blue nails fall into. 

Before you start getting excited about finding your next must-do nail designs, don’t forget the basics of a perfect manicure. File your nails, hydrate your cuticles and always apply a base coat as this protects the nails and makes the manicure last longer.

There are so many cute shades of blue but the one that’s sure to make waves this year is baby blue especially around the spring and summer seasons. Young, fresh and playful, baby blue is a timeless shade that has remained a top fave in the fashion and beauty world for ages––literally. One of the easiest ways to incorporate this fun color into your look is with your nails. From long to short nails, natural to acrylic and gel,…

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