Have you stepped outside during the day lately? If you have, then you know just how scorching the sun has been in recent times. This means that sunglasses are a must have this season if you don’t want to get blinded by the noonday scorch. Of course, this eyewear isn’t just an anti-sun staple, but it’s also a fashion essential that’s trendy season after season.

Once simply celebrated for their sun-shielding properties, today sunglasses have taken on new status: that of a fashion staple. Whether you decide to go chic, geeky, glamorous, or edgy, there’s one to fit your needs. This season, they’re cooler than ever and you shouldn’t be left out of this fashion-pleasure. It’s time to ditch the boring functional glasses and embrace the wide array of trends waiting for you to beckon them come.

Check out some sunglasses trends that are super cool…

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