When it comes to uber-sleek hairstyles (the kind that show up and show out on our social feeds), ponytails stay winning. The delicate hairdo is here to stay from full volume and segmented looks, to braided and kinky styles! Inarguably functioning as a top beauty trend, this 1970s-rock-musicians-inspired look continues to make waves.

Not only do ponytails easily fix a bad hair day, they also protect the hair from humidity. Most importantly, its versatile and can be rocked in different ways for different occasions. So whether you seek fierceness or some laidback and unconventional vibes, ponytails are for you.

Loje Loje black kiny summer ponytail stylerave
@loje_loje rocking the ponytail trend with single beaded braids

Ponytails can be worn in curls, braids, twists, and/or waves giving room for creativity and exploration. In addition to their versatile nature, they can be paired with soft statement…

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