Being fashionable in this day and time is a daunting task for many people. As a Style Raven, we imagine the task has been made simpler from consuming our fashionable content, however, a few wardrobe malfunctions still lurk in the dark.

To effectively arm you against these malfunctions, and consequently protect you from the embarrassment the bring, we’ve curated 5 most common wardrobe malfunctions and how best you can avoid them. These mishaps, however, are so common yet surprisingly very easy to fix. Before you say thank you, let’s get into it.

Check out 5 common wardrobe malfunctions and how to avoid them…

#1. The loose bra strap

Photo: Danielle Reese | Pexels

Don’t you just hate that bras can be very cunning in so many ways? From the wire bursting through and poking your skin, to the strap coming loose and slipping down your shoulders, although…

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