False lashes have come a long way and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Since our grandmothers, women have dreamt of having beautiful, fluffy lashes and false lashes have made this dream come true. To top it off, this beauty essential gives more character to the eyes and makes them more expressive.

However, if you have tried applying false lashes yourself, you know it can be quite a struggle. It’s either you are unable to get them to stay, look natural, or you might have even glued your eye and swore never to try it again.

Good news! Beauty Vlogger Rosina Sharon recently uploaded the easiest false lashes tutorial on her YouTube channel. She talks and shows how to get your false lashes fixed perfectly. Her tutorial was detailed and simple, making it friendly for all beginners. You will need a tweezer, lash glue, desired lashes, and you are on…

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