t’s true that home is where the heart is but for some individuals, home is where the drama sits. This is because, in many occasions, we tend to feel more deeply the impact of a loved-one’s sting, as opposed to that of a stranger. This sting can be anything from a nosy sibling trying to eavesdrop on all your conversations, to a petty parent using your predicament against you, or worse still an ungrateful and entitled family member taking the piss. Whatever the case may be, it hurts and we know.

When it comes to family, everything is intense – the love, the laughter, and the fights. In the case of the latter, squabbles with family members usually gets squashed in no time, but in the event that it happens occasionally with the same person doing the same thing, some have asked the questions, where do I draw the line, and how can I deal with a…

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