re you happy? This seems like a very simple question that anyone should answer with an ecstatic, YES! But this seemingly easy question can provoke a series of thoughts that only goes to awaken you to your current state. At first you think to yourself “I am happy…or maybe not…but I’m not sad either”. It’s almost like scales fall off your eyes and then you’re being snapped out of limbo.  You’re not sad, but you’re not happy either.

While this state of apathy might be a sign of an underlying or suppressed mental issue, it isn’t always so. As humans in a noisy world like ours–with numerous voices all clamoring to make a point–sometimes, we may get trapped in an in-between state of happiness and sadness. This is no strange feeling, but it is also important to do something about it.

Maybe we’ve fallen into routine and just go by the…

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