Back to basics! We’ve compiled a list of 5 wardrobe essentials your wardrobe needs. Trends come and go, but these essentials are for the long haul. Take a look, get inspired and never feel the ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment again!

Wardrobe essential # 1: white t-shirt

White T-shirts are scary. Between the traces of sweat and the myriad of things that can stain your clothes, investing in a white T-shirt can seem like a waste of money. Listen to me though.

We all spent unnecessary time looking at our closet to decide what to wear. Stop! When in doubt, throw away a white T-shirt! It doesn’t matter if you are wearing shorts, jeans, pencil skirts, loose skirts, or anything in between, a white t-shirt will look amazing with it! Pair a white t-shirt with dark denim jeans and a pair of white Converse for a foolproof outfit. Such a simple and classic look that you can’t go wrong with. For more on how to style white t-shirts, check out our article on 5 ways to style a white t-shirt.

Wardrobe Essential # 2: Denim

Next on our list: a good pair of denim jeans. Denim is available in a wide variety of washes, from light blue to darker shades. An important thing to remember is that no matter which wash you use, pay attention to the fit. Whether you are a boyfriend fit girl or prefer skinny jeans, buy only the jeans you like and wear comfortable. The best types of jeans are those with a bit of stretch!

Not sure which color and wash you like? Jean style guide here>

While you’re at it, be sure to invest in another wardrobe staple: black jeans. you would be amazed at how many outfits are instantly enhanced by replacing blue jeans with black!

Wardrobe Essential # 3: Jacket

The cool weather months take up almost half of the year, making stylish jackets and coats a necessity! Well worn, a jacket can actually complement your outfit rather than just an addition to keep you warm. A warm jacket doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style; bring the denim jackets, trench coats, leather jackets and utility coats! Discover the 5 essential jackets that every woman should have!

Pro tip: wear your utility coat with everything! A plain white t-shirt, denim and slip-on sneakers or ankle boots pair perfectly with a utility coat. To wear a dress? Play with the lengths by adding a coat. Finally, the layers. Picture this: a plaid button, a blanket scarf, booties and a utility jacket. Talk about a foolproof outfit with these wardrobe essentials!

Wardrobe Essential # 4: Comfortable Dress

Wardrobe Essential # 3: Dresses. Everyone needs a must-have dress in their wardrobe! It can be hard to pick just one from so many styles! If you are the type of girl who only wears dresses for special occasions, you are missing a chance! Wearing a stylish dress means you don’t have to put on pants. It’s the second best comfy thing you can wear, right after leggings of course.

Imagine running errands in a simple striped dress, denim jacket, and sneakers. Or a long dress, cardigan and ballet flats. Your shopping is so much more comfortable.

Wardrobe Essential # 5: Pendant Necklace

Every woman should own a simple pendant necklace. Longer necklaces are very trendy right now, but a dainty pendant necklace is super relevant and something you can wear every day, making these beauties a wardrobe essential! Nothing completes an outfit like a simple and delicate necklace. Confused about how to style necklaces? Here are 8 necklace outfits to enhance your wardrobe.

Now the real question is, which is your favorite metal? Rose gold is all the rage right now! It’s so feminine that’s a style in its own right! But if you haven’t jumped on the rose gold bandwagon, silver and gold are as beautiful as they ever were.


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