nimal prints in general are the kind of trend that’s in a hide and seek game, but never really fade off. One moment they’re splattered on every fashionista’s skin, while the next moment, they’ve retired to the wild. Maybe to shuffle and bring in a new fave. Hence, it comes as no surprise when Zebra prints made a comeback and was embraced like a long lost prodigal son.

Simply put, Zebra prints are back and are wilder than ever. From pants to dresses, century after century this print still proves to be a fashion favorite. Whether in high fashion or streetwear, casual or formal, there’re are a few of this print that is sure to tick your fancy. If you intend to sit out on this trend, you might as well hand over your entire closet and your dream of being a fashionista.

Check out these Zebra prints looks and how to style them like a pro…

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